74% of people would like to own their own business

But roadblocks get in their way.


RoadBlock #1 - Capital

Starting a normal franchise business costs a lot of money upfront.  You need to get a storefront, buy furniture and fixtures, purchase inventory, set up systems, hire employees, and advertise.


With the Time & Money Group, you can start a business for no cost.  You get a website, an online office, and a built in product line that is in demand.

Roadblock #2 - Knowledge

Most people don't know where to start putting a business idea into action.  They don't know how to set up collecting sales tax, employee  taxes, or how to price their product or service to turn a profit.  The learning curve is steep and the stumbling blocks many and expensive.


You can learn what you need to know by following  a path set out for you.  We teach you how to create a passive income.

Roadblock #3 - Time

People are busy.  It takes a lot of time to set up everything you need to get into place to start a business.


We teach you to leverage your time.  The work you do pays you long term instead of trading hours for dollars.

Two Ways To Earn Income

10% Referral Bonus

Receive a 10% commission on purchases from those you personally help set up their business. You receive this payout each week. You don't need to maintain a minimum amount of volume to receive this payout.

Monthly Profit Sharing

Qualify for Profit Sharing each month that your business does at least $50 in volume and create shares.  A share is 100 volume on the left and 100 volume on the right. Maintaining at least $100 in your own business volume triples your share count and maximizes your potential monthly income.

Profit Sharing (2) (1)
Our goal at the Time and Money Group is to give you a turnkey business and empower you with all the resources and tools you need to be as successful as you set your mind to. You are in charge of your own success.
The Time and Money Group divides the company's profits with all of our qualifying franchise owners.  There are three categories of recognition:




To qualify as an Associate, simply enroll one person on your left and right side and do 100 in personal volume. Associates can earn up to approximately $450 a month.



You qualify as an Ambassador when your lower side volume is greater than 3,000 (30 people on your lower side doing 100 volume will get you there).  Ambassadors can earn from $450 to approximately $7500 a month.



You qualify as an Executive when your lower side volume is greater than 50,000 (500 people on your lower side doing 100 volume will get you there). Executives can earn from $7500 to approximately $60,000 per month.

The simple strategy of going Associate and helping others go Associate is what you do to create the passive income to accomplish your goals and dreams.

Free Sign Up

Sign up for free to become a franchise owner! There is no cost to sign up and no monthly fees. Plus, you don't need to order a minimum amount of product each month to maintain your spot.