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All natural whole food supplements sourced from organic ingredients for optimal nutritional value

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Welcome to the Nature's Traditions product line from Time & Money Group. Our mission is to create products that will improve your health and overall quality of life.



Whole food products are in high demand. Unfortunately, many companies use that fact to overcharge you. Our pricing is affordable and transparent so you can improve your life by improving your health.



We are very proud of our product line. Our supplements are all natural, plant-based products. No fillers, no compromise. Have the peace of mind that our supplements will deliver what is promised to you.

Something for


Our selection of products is large and varied. Whether you are trying to reduce inflammation or wanting to fix digestive problems, our product line is guaranteed to have something you will love.

Tired of Genetically Modified Foods?

There is a problem with the modern diet: today's food doesn't give you the nutrients you need. We are seeing a flood of chronic diseases, and it is because our bodies are not made for the elements we consume today. Nature's Tradition products provide a solution for that problem. Our natural products have all the nutrients your body needs to have a happy and healthy life.

Our products include whole food supplements, essential oils, and more!


Anti-Inflammation Food is our best selling product.  This power-packed whole food supplement is your go-to for those aches and pains.

"Should have labeled this "MIGRAINE BE GONE!" This is my new go-to for MIGRAINES and PAIN.  My Mom introduced me to this Anti-Inflammation food!" - Alyssa S.

I've always struggled at the "afternoon nap" time of day, including getting home from work and wanting to crash for half an hour before I could even function. Not any more! I've been taking Balanced Health and Sea Garden and I CAN'T BELIEVE the difference! I never have issues with energy in the afternoon any more! - Steve

Time & Money has a revolutionary profit sharing system that pays you more and a product line that helps you get and stay healthy.  It's a win-win!